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Carolin has proved to reduce expenses drastically in addition to removing the double taxation from Common areas at Auburn Meadow Community. Homes are now selling quickly and above asking price since changing to SC Property Management LLC.
Above quote by- dba Region Elite. Elaine Patmore Schererville
Carolin Kenneally is the Property Manager for my Association. She is very efficient, listens to the concerns of the homeowners and board members. On multiple occasions I have contacted Carolin with specific needs and she prioritized my needs before hers, resulting in a timely resolution. As President of my association for 11 years, my duties have been challenging, however, Carolin is an asset to my HOA due to her help and guidance.
Above quote by- Paired Cottage Association President Lucy Johnston
It has been my privilege to work closely with Carolin for several years. Her intelligence, experience and personality are the perfect combination needed to deal with the various situations and personalities that occur in a community. She has an excellent working relationship with our vendors, and she anticipates possible concerns and will have various solutions for their problems. To have her as our manager has been a blessing.
Above quote by- Auburn Meadow Community and Townhome Board Member Ruth Polito

After You Choose SC

Before Choosing SC: Desert Houses that are crumbling and low property value. After Choosing SC: Luxurious neighborhood with inground pool and increased real property value.

Significantly Increased Property Value

All of our services are customized to fit our individual client's needs to ensure we add SIGNIFICANT real value to your property. As FortuneBuilders says, "a real property management company is worth its weight in gold." Here at SC we take that a step further and give you platinum per pound: we will find ways to SAVE you MONEY while increasing your property's value, a fact which all our board members can attest to.

Before Choosing SC: Overgrown wild looking lawn in a community with poor maintenance. After Choosing SC: Clean cut green lawn in a community with impeccable maintenance and high quality vendors.

Immediate Maintenance Improvement

A huge part of our management processes are aimed at improving your maintenance. Backed by years of research, we have developed coordinated workflows that leverage the newest technologies in the field to both speed up and more efficiently allocate resources to plan and execute maintenance. At SC, we understand that maintenance is the foundation for increased property value, a foundation that is concerned with, not just maintaining, but growth as well. Watch as SC makes your community anew.

Before Choosing SC: A rough, unrefined, disheveled looking man. After Choosing SC: A sharp looking man dressed in tuxedo, standing pround and admired by all.

Instantly Better Reputation

SC has been called the region's premier on-site property management company: only the most prestigious clients use SC, clients whose communities have some of the fastest rising property values in the region. Adding our name to your community takes your reputation to the next level.

Before Choosing SC: A woman stressed out from financial concerns, hunched over with a hand on her head. After Choosing SC: A woman outside at the beach celebrating, free from financial anxiety and worry.

The Cure For Financial Anxiety

With SC, you will know where your money is going at all times. We carry a high value fidelity bond for additional assurance to our associations. Our clients always tell us that with SC worrying about their finances, they no longer have to.

Before Choosing SC: An angry man on the phone, yelling at HOA board members. After Choosing SC: SC employees sitting around a table smiling, while looking at an email, and relieving board members from answering directly to community members.

Peace of Mind for Board Members

You will never hear a complaint again. Our superior customer service relieves board members of the obligation to answer directly to their community members. SC is the go-between for all complaints and disasters, and we always work to create solutions that please all sides.

Before Choosing SC: A broken piano representing a broken community. After Choosing SC: A man in crowd of people playing piano with water shooting up in background in celebration.

The Happiest of Homeowners

Your community is like an instrument, each one unique. At SC, we are here to fine-tune that instrument to make sure your community and its members function in harmony and live in accord. We do this by customizing all our services to fit the unique needs of our clients and their communities. But conflicts are inevitable too, which is why we are always on call to provide quick follow-ups to questions and solutions to all issues, maintenance or otherwise. The end result is a community idyll that takes shape almost overnight.

How We Serve You

On-Site Property Management

If necessary, our property managers are available to work on site at your convenience, a service that is extremely valuable and rarely offered by property management companies. Most companies make you go to them. Here at SC we come to you.

Monthly Financial Reports

Tired of worrying about your finances? With SC, we guarantee that you will always be up-to-date on where your money is going. The best direction for any community is backed by the appropriate knowledge. SC's comprehensive reports are designed to both inform and predict ways to make sure that direction is always aimed at prosperity.

Routine Exterior Inspections

We take a magnifying glass to your property so that no maintenance needs go unmet. Our preventive maintenance practices ensure problems are dealt with before they are even noticed.

Routine Regulation Enforcement

Safety is paramount for SC. At SC, we recognize that all laws are only as strong as the people who enforce them. Part of your property's value depends on how well these laws are upheld. That is why SC is always on alert during inspections to make sure all violations of covenants, rules, and regulations are dealt with at once. We also enforce all warranties with contractors, saving you the hassle.

Exclusive Vendors for Maintenance

All our vendors are thoroughly screened and tested to ensure you receive the best possible services. Furthermore, our superior service companies will handle all your maintenance needs at the BEST possible prices, guaranteed. Overall, reports show clients save money each year by using our vendors.

Region's Best Customer Service

Tired of hearing this from your current property manager: " I manage too many properties. I do not have time for that right now!" Our property managers will not manage more than a few properties, and we are passionate in fulfilling all your requests immediately. At SC, our customers are never left waiting: you will always receive a speedy response to all your inquiries.

Iron-Clad Insurance Promise

We have a dedicated team that is responsible for maintaining all appropriate insurance documents for contractors, associations, and homeowners. SC makes sure you will feel extremely secure knowing our experts are in charge of your documents.

Relief from Obligations

We collect all monthly assessments and monies due to the association. We prepare timely annual budgets to the board and all annual meeting materials. Finally, we ensure everything runs according to plan: all association parties are planned and prepared by SC's party manager. We promise you will rest easier with SC in charge.

24/7 Transparency

We like to say that our offices at SC are built of glass, so you can always see us working at any time: we offer full transparency with all expenses and documentation. Trust is paramount to SC, and we want you to feel at home with us.

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