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Meet the Team

Carolin Kenneally

Carolin Kenneally SC Company Onwer

Owner & Lead Manager

Carolin Kenneally has over 35 years experience in the field of property management, where her numerous accolades and community statistics all attest to her ability to increase property value. When Carolin opened SC in 2014, she wanted to exploit her previous experience to change property management, making it more personal and streamlined. As the owner and lead on-site property manager for SC, Carolin has done just that. In addition to leading SC, we like to say that Carolin is the prosperity architect for your community.

Kayla Bruce

Kayla Bruce Assistant Property Manager

Assistant Property Manager

Kayla joined SC's team in 2018 as an assistant property manager, a role that is perfectly aligned with her superior customer service and accounting skills. Alongside her role at SC, Kayla is currently pursuing her broker's license in real estate.

Barry & Barb Maack

Barry & Barb Maack Maintenance Technicians

Maintenance Technicians

Barry and Barb Maack are SC's maintenance technicians. Always on call, Barry and Barb are here to ensure our preventive maintenance measures will fix all issues before they become a concern.

Georgiann Drake

Georgiann Drake Senior Property Manager

Senior Property Manager

Georigann Drake is a senior property manager for SC. Prior to joining SC, Georigann worked for Social Security as public affairs specialist for Northwest Indiana. With a career that spans decades, she brings to the team unsurpassed communication, management, and conflict resolution skills.

Our Story

Prior to SC's inception, Carolin Kenneally served as Senior Property Manager for a large property management company in Northwest Indiana. There she successfully managed the financial and maintenance portfolios for 25 residential and commercial properties. Over the course of her career, she received numerous awards, being named Associate of the Year, among many other honors that lauded her excellence in the field. The idea for SC was born out the need to make property management more manageable. Most property management companies will overload their property managers with portfolios at the expense of timely management, which places a hidden financial burden on clients. SC was founded on the promise that our managers would never manage more than a few portfolios at a time. Consequently, our managers have been able to work more closely with all our clients and create new growth in their communities.

Our Mission

We work to streamline property management by developing familial ties with our clients and their community. Most management companies are impersonal to the point of detachment. Conversely, we know that nothing offers closeness and comfort like family, and we seek to bring those same fortifying qualities to all our working relationships. It has become the recipe for all of our successful endeavors.

Our Philosophy

1. Closer connections create better results
To better understand the unique needs of each client, SC decided to offer on-site property management to clients in Northwest Indiana. This has allowed SC to work closer with our clients to better serve the immediate needs of their community and create those familial connections we desired.
2. Integrity, Accountability, Creativity, Trust
Starting with integrity and requiring accountability ensures our property managers are always acting in your best interests. This in turn grants them the creative freedom to continually find ways to improve the value of your community. Let us lead you and your community towards success!